This is a story of self discovery, freedom of expression, passion and responsibility. Based on real events and characters, it takes shape of an irregular diary, a collection of small independent stories. Featuring BDSM lifestyle, some may consider it to be NSFW, however it is but a day in my life. Certainly 18+ though! So do not proceed if you’re not of age or maturity.

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The fire that melts the ice,
The fire from your eyes,
The fire that softens even a domme’s heart,
The fire that passionately whips you hard,

That is my deepest love for you,
That is my ownership of you.
Remember the leash of chains,
Round your neck a collar remains.

Her neck, so soft, so fragile,
With my hand wrapped around for a while.
My fingers, strong to grip the hair,
Helpless, she grasps for air.

My thighs squeezing her waist,
Her hands tied to struggle, to rest.
The fear in her eyes,
Hidden joy, beneath it lies.

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A drawing of Rhea's custom whip.

A drawing of Rhea's custom whip.